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Rectify Plumbing is a highly-reputed family-owned and run specialised bathroom renovating company in Sydney. Brothers Jake and Francesco, who are respectively plumbers and builders by trade, joined forces to create Sydney’s best bathroom renovation company, underlined by their dedication to provide the finest services and materials. Jake and Francesco Frustaci have used their vast experience to lay the foundations for a highly-successful company, which underpins their projects with a professional, streamlined approach. Our work is backed by our unrivalled passion for customer satisfaction. A bathroom is generally one of the most used rooms in a house, and because of this, will need maintenance or renovation from time to time to make it as functional as possible. When you hire Rectify Plumbing for your bathroom renovations, our experienced team can design and construct a bathroom tailored to your requirements. Our designers and tradies keep abreast of the latest innovations and styles so you will get energy efficient appliances, stylish fittings and cabinets etc, all back by our satisfaction guaranteed work. Let Rectify Plumbing your bathroom dreams to a reality from the initial designs all the way to the final touches. We have a transparent process, ensuring you are involved with each step of the way. We constantly update and upgrade our skills and technology so that the work is done on time and under budget.


We will meet to discuss your ideas and requirements; You can tell us what you want, and our designers will plan your bathroom accordingly.

Acceptance of Quote

We will require a signed copy of the contract; We will send you a 10% deposit request for the initial supplies so we are ready to go. You will be supplied with a start date that suits your convenience. You will receive a list of items that are required prior to commencement of work. You will receive a complete schedule of the project with dates of works and sequence of events. Throughout the project, your home will be protected. You’ll be regularly updated in line with the works being carried out on the project. We will carry out a quality control inspection before we hand over the new bathroom to you. We provide a general clean unless a deep clean is requested.
Rectify Plumbing is licensed and insured to complete your bathroom project. We work with some of Sydney’s best companies and use the finest products from leading brands. We have the latest technology, skills and experience to bring your bathroom visions to life. So, if renovating your bathroom has been something you have been thinking about and wondering how to get started, contact Jake now! We will offer you a free quote.

How long does it take to complete a bathroom renovation project?

The duration of a bathroom renovation depends on several factors, including the scope of work and any unforeseen issues that may arise. On average, a complete bathroom remodelling in Sydney can take anywhere from two to six weeks with a professional renovation firm. However, if you are considering bathroom plumbing enhancements as part of your renovation, it may require additional time for proper installation and testing.

What are the current trends in bathroom designs and renovations?

One of the emerging trends in bathroom designs and renovations is the integration of smart technology, such as touchless faucets and digital shower systems. Another popular trend is incorporating eco-friendly elements like water-saving fixtures and energy-efficient lighting.

How do I choose the right tiles for my bathroom?

When choosing tiles for your bathroom, there are several factors to consider. Think about the style and aesthetic you want to achieve. If you’re looking for a modern, sleek look, consider glossy porcelain or glass tiles. For a more traditional feel, opt for natural stone or ceramic tiles.

Are we licensed bathroom renovators?

Yes, Rectify Plumbing are licensed bathroom renovators from designs to installations. Our plumbers can transform your bathroom into a functional and stylish space. Our services also include toilet installation and repair, ensuring that every aspect of your bathroom is taken care of.

Do you offer a consultation to discuss plumbing options before starting a bathroom renovation?

Yes. Rectify Plumbing offers a comprehensive consultation before starting any bathroom renovation project in Sydney. Our experienced plumbers will assess your space and discuss various options for your bathtub replacement, sink, and faucet upgrades. Our goal is to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the available options and make informed decisions for your bathroom renovation.

How often should bathrooms be renovated?

Bathroom renovations frequency depends on various factors, including the quality of materials used, wear and tear, and personal preference. However, if you notice signs of water damage, mould growth or outdated fixtures, it may be necessary to renovate sooner.

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