Leaking Taps
Do you have a leaking tap in your home or work place and need a repair, fast? Our Rectify Plumbing team are here to offer you and your home a prompt, reliable repair service. Whether you have a leaking tap in your bathroom, laundry, or kitchen, call us immediately, and we will stop the leak! The most common causes of leaking taps include worn-out washers, cracked seals and cartridges, corroded valves and of course, broken parts. Why prolong the fix? Our plumbers are qualified and experienced servicing general plumbing leaks, and we come prepared with a range of tap parts and fixtures so that we can repair your tap problem on the spot.
Leaking taps are problems that demand immediate attention and expertise. Although they may not seem to be cause for urgent attention at the time, don’t be deceived by the amount of water damage caused in and around the area of the leakage – just because you can’t see it, it does not mean it doesn’t exist.
A leaking tap can quickly go from being a minor disruption, to major damage if left unattended. Leaking taps can lead to a number of problems and concerns, from growth of mould on your floors, walls, and ceilings, to water damaged furniture and cabinetry, to a dramatic increase in your water bills. For these reasons, it is crucial to call us to RECTIFY your leaking taps problem before the state of your condition worsens.

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