Blocked Drains
Are you experiencing blocked drains in your home or workplace? There can be several contributing factors within your pipelines that can cause blockages, which is why diagnosis is important to get right the first time. Whether there is a build-up of grease or soap, your drains are clogged due to “hard-to-flush” objects like toilet paper or paper towels, or your experiencing tree root intrusion, one must contact a plumber to avoid immediate damage to surrounding areas. Typically when a blockage occurs, you can notice a number of different symptoms – sometimes water will pool within your showers, you start to notice pungent smells coming from the drains, or you may hear gurgling noises within your pipes. Our team are equipped with not only the knowledge, but the modern tools and technology to establish the direct cause of your problem, and most importantly provide adequate advice and resolutions to resolve the issue.
It is important to never ignore a blocked drain, or the telling signs of a blocked drain due to the fact that it can lead to severe damage to your property, and potentially inflict further repair costs. We have developed a full-proof process to ensure that our team immediately assist in the diagnosis of a blockage, and can help clear the drain immediately.
Step 1: We will identify whether our specialist equipment is required to clear the blockage or if use of our other equipment on board can clear the blockage. If the blockage requires our specialist equipment (Jetter & CCTV Camera) , we will follow the process below:
Step 2: We will clear your drain to release water & waste volume via the use of penetration nozzle.
Step 3: Once internal waste & water volume has been cleared, we will inspect your drainage system with our CCTV Camera to locate the exact location of the blockage as well as diagnose the cause of the blockage.
Step 4: We will re-enter the pipe with the turbine nozzle or similar and clear the remaining accumulation within your drains.
Step 5: We will capture a visual recording of the internal condition of your pipe and supply to on conclusion of our works.
If we are unable to clear your drain with any equipment, we will provide you with a complete report on the outcome and advise you on our recommended solutions.

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