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Are you looking for a qualified plumber to undertake your home renovation project? We offer renovation plumbing services to high-end residential and commercial builders. Although our primary target is architectural high-end residential builders, we also provide our services to the domestic market. We aim to reduce your stress by providing a qualified plumber who is well-presented to carry out your job with care and skill. Home renovations for popular areas such as the bathroom or kitchen can become relatively costly if you fail to plan appropriately, which is why our team at Rectify Plumbing will discuss your plumbing requirements and install a plumbing system that will run seamlessly with the architecture of your newly renovated house. And with energy efficiency in mind, we will also provide you with the latest economical solutions and products to suit your home and lifestyle.
Rectify Plumbing does not design, we simply bring your design to life by supplying the installation and labour for your renovation plumbing project. Our team of professionals takes pride in providing excellent customer care services and will work with you to ensure that the plumbing system of your renovated house is completed on time and within your budget.
The benefits of hiring a qualified, renovation plumbing team like ours is obvious; not only is the renovation time significantly reduced due to the knowledge and expertise of the employed team, but you will find our plumbing team will bring forth a multitude of experience and can provide recommendations for quality upgrades without the additional cost.

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