Jet Blasting
Blocked drains can bring about a plethora of problems for your home or work place should the typical signs and symptoms of a blockage be ignored or neglected. Jet blasting is among one of the most effective methods to clear various types of blockages, including blocked sinks, kitchen, laundry sinks, shower drains, and clogged toilets. Jet blasting, otherwise known as hydro jetting, is a type of technique that can also be used to clear blockages in main drainage pipes like your sewer or stormwater lines. Due to its incredibly powerful pressurised system and ease of use and robust design, jet blasting is a reliable go-to tool for removing blockages, especially in those “hard-to-get-to” places
When clearing blocked drains, we follow a meticulous process, one that has been developed and influenced by our years of experience in the plumbing industry.
Step 1: Our experts begin by clearing the drain with a small nozzle, and then use our CCTV camera to identify the location of the blockage.
Step 2: With the footage taken from our CCTV camera, we can assess the cause of the problem and now decide what tools to are needed to clear the blockage.
Step 3: For large blockages, we would typically opt to use our jet blasting machinery, given that it is the most effective method to clear away debris or foreign objects that have caused the issue in the first place.
Step 4: To maintain transparency throughout the duration of our work, our team will provide you with a comprehensive report at the completion of the job with an outline of what we were able to accomplish.

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