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At Rectify Plumbing, we are able to clear your blocked drain at your Baulkham Hills property and remove any obstruction, no matter how little it may be. We have sophisticated vacuum and water blasting equipment that will do the job efficiently and quickly. You can connect with our blocked drain plumbers near me as soon as possible if you are experiencing this problem right now or if you want to take precautionary measures to guarantee that your drains continue to function properly.
The high-powered water jetting equipment that we use for our blocked drain cleansing service is purpose-built and very efficient. In addition, we have various pieces of equipment and procedures that we may employ to eliminate obstructions, even those that are really tough. That’s why we are the leading blocked drain specialists in Baulkham Hills and other nearby suburbs including Kellyville, Hornsby, Mosman and Willoughby.

Our Blocked Drain Services Are All Inclusive Of

Drain Cleaning

Do you have any concerns that debris, sludge, concrete slurry, grout, or frying grease may have made their way into one of your drains and may eventually cause it to get clogged? Acting quickly, before any further issues arise, is the most effective strategy to cope with the current situation. Rectify Plumbing has specialised equipment for drain cleaning that is able to remove materials that have the potential to cause blockages, as well as equipment that will clear out it in order to guarantee that it is in good functioning condition.

Unblocking Drains

At Rectify Plumbing, we are able to clear your blocked drains regardless of what caused the clog in the first place. Our blocked drain service includes a wide variety of industry equipment and procedures to get rid of any obstruction. This involves removing any material that is obstructing the drain, like tree roots, and more. When we are completed, the drain will once again be able to accommodate the normal flow of wastewater. In addition to this, both your drain and your pipes will be completely free of obstructions and prepared for a CCTV inspection.

How Do We Clear the Clog In Your Drains?

Blocked drains can be a regular issue for Baulkham Hills households and if you have not encountered the problem yourself, it’s extremely likely you do know someone who has. Clogged drains and pipes can be a severe health issue if it is not cleared at the earliest by our blocked drain plumber near me.

Removing Obstruction

Rectify Plumbing’s professionals are furnished with strong drain clearing equipment. By using the cutting tip, a metal spring is able to slice through almost everything that stands in its path, including silt, tree roots, site debris, and quite often even solid stuff. It’s that efficient and the reason why many locals in Baulkham Hills always call on our plumber near me for big or small jobs.


After we have removed the obstruction and the water flow has been restored, we may, depending on the circumstances, advise you to hire a CCTV operator to investigate the pipe in order to identify what caused the problem and ensure that it does not recur. When it comes to advising you on the best course of action going forward, our plumbers are honest with you. It's possible that we'll suggest that you have your drains professionally cleaned on a regular basis, that you have new sections of pipe installed, or that you have high-tech pipe relining done. Drainage technology has seen significant advancements in recent years, particularly in the areas of locating clogged drains, pipe locations, diagnosing issues, and repairs. When you engage Rectify Plumbing to carry out your drain unblocking, you are in safe hands.

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If you need your drains or stormwater pipes unblocked quickly and professionally, we can help. This service includes unclogging drains in toilets, showers, and sinks. Make the call to Rectify Plumbing right now at 0400 073 180. Our blocked drain cleaning crew is composed of professionals who are able to unclog drains as quickly as possible thanks to specialised tools like hydro machines and root cutters that they bring with them. There is a wide variety of materials that may accumulate and cause drains to get clogged. This could be a fatty substance, dirt, or leaves. Occasionally, strange things are flushed down the toilet, which might result in a clog. Cracking and clogging of drains may also be caused by collapsed drains as a result of structural issues, as well as by the roots of trees. In order to protect your drains from harm that isn't absolutely required, we may do a CCTV drain inspection for you in Baulkham Hills and its surrounding regions including Willoughby, Kellyville, Mosman or Hornsby. Call us on 0400 073 180 to clear blocked drains at your home or for other plumbing issues.

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